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    Welcome All to My Site!

 I've heard you've all been having some trouble submitting artwork and all you have to do is go to the submit artwork after you join the website! if you want to join look to  your right                         -------------------------------------------------------> -Submit Artwork and join the website in the members area you will see our rescent photos and uploaoded artwork, please...don't even think to steal artwork we are a small y et friendly community and do not take kindly to cyber bullying so if you spot one please alert me and I'll have our scripter (Robert Randamore) (Do not mess with him) remove the cyber bully perminately. Email me at CoperTan@yahoo.com



Keeping passwords safe along with emails!


Do NOT SHARE  YOUR PASSWORD OR EMAIL ACCOUNT WITH ANYBODY, not even close friends, you never know when something bad might come up and you might make an enemy, if that happens to happen, we'll need a youtube video of you making your artwork as evidence once we recieve it we will recover  your lost account if you wish to get your password back please ask me and I'll have Robert recover it for you. Thank you for being patient my preciouses, and if anybody is having any


There are no rules in this chat box, please however, keep in mind,, there are children present.




Website rules when Joining

There are no rules! This site is a no boundaries or limitations website, so ALL forms of art are welcome! But please do keep in mind, I have Limitations to what type of artwork I allow!

Love Your Site Master,  




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